Case Study: Delaware Basin Video

A well production history with a high sand return. Sand that was coming from a well along with effluent was accumulating into a separator. An accumulation of sand leading up to daily well shut in and several days of downtime.

Case Study: 10K Cyclone Frac Plug Drill Out

10k Cyclone inline during Frac plug drill outs in the Duvernay zone, Western Canada. High Pressures and high sand content during frac plug drill outs has always been harsh environment, massive erosion of surface equipment is very costly as well as hazardous to field personal operating the surface equipment.

Case Study: Major Producer in the Delaware Basin

On the tankless facilities (satellite facility) liquid, EnerCorp Transfer Pumps were used to send oil and water to remote storage facilities.

Sand, that was coming from the well, and effluent were accumulating into a separator, which led to a reduction of separator retention time. Sand that flowed from an oil and water line was also causing Transfer Pumps (ceramic) seals and bodies to wash out.

Case Study: North Dakota – 3000PSI Dual Cyclone

EnerCorp was called into a project, mid-week, with a report of a sanded-off wellhead. The client’s nearby well had a ‘zipper frac,’ and communicated with a preexisting well that had been on an artificial lift. EnerCorp arrived on location at 8:00am, bled off and rigged out the preexisting flowline.