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Emission Case Study
Dec. 08, 2023

South Texas Operator Reduces Emissions and Sand Erosion Damages with Flowback 2.0

Our team of engineers suggested the operator consider Flowback 2.0 with the Sahara Advanced Sand Cyclone. It would enable them to remove the test separators all together and eliminate any sand issues at their production facility. Read more
Jan. 11, 2024

EnerCorp’s ScorpionXT Sand Filter Eliminates Washouts and NPT Increasing Production by $252,000 Per Month

EnerCorp drastically reduced the sand issues this South Texas operator was having by putting the ScorpionXT Sand Filter in line at the surface. Read more
Permian eFlowback
Oct. 16, 2023

eFlowback Manages Over 2,000 lbs of Sand Per Hour In Permian

An operator in the Permian was completing new wells and was looking for an innovative flowback solution that wouldn’t leave them dealing with high sand carryover rates at their production facility. Read more
Oct. 16, 2023

Flowback 2.0 Eliminates Sand Issues While Reducing Footprint in South Texas

Our application engineering team met with the customer early on in the process to better understand their requirements, goals, and needs — as well as what obstacles were standing in their way. Read more
Oct. 16, 2023

Haynesville Operator Saves Big with Sahara Advanced Sand Cyclone

Over 25 days of flow, the Sahara Advanced Sand Cyclone captured 32,248 lbs of sand, which is a sand capture rate of 99.9%. Read more
Permian History
May. 30, 2023

EnerCorp Manages Largest Sand Producer In Company History in the Permian

After 71 days, equipment was temporarily removed for artificial lift installation. Over the entire job, EnerCorp’s primary Sahara captured 1,541,558 lbs of sand and the secondary Sahara captured 6,968 lbs of sand. Our overall sand capture rate for this well was 99.6% — well above the industry average. Read more
Featured Image - Haynesville coiled tubing case study by EnerCorp
Dec. 15, 2022

Haynesville Customer Saves Big On Coiled Tubing and Sand Carryover Damage Costs with EnerCorp

Cost Savings Case StudyHaynesville Customer Saves Big On Coiled Tubing and Sand Carryover Damage Costs with EnerCorpLocation: Haynesville ShaleThe ProblemA client in the Haynesville was looking to reduce expenses while eliminating the need for coiled tubing to drill out plugs. As a result, both wellbores on site were completed using only dissolvable plug technology. However, this posed a major challenge Read more
Haynesville Case Study featured image
Feb. 17, 2022

Haynesville client mitigates HSE risks and lowered non-productive time with 99.7% sand capture

Over the course of the 35-day flowback, the custom-engineered solution flawlessly executed the job. The client experienced no sand carry over to downstream equipment and zero washouts in the iron, manifold, or test separators. Read more
EnerCorp Sahara Haynesville - Case Study - 28-01-2022 - artwork
Dec. 15, 2022

Operator in Haynesville saves over $16,000 in Flowback Chargebacks

As expected, the Sahara Advanced Cyclone captured well over 97% of sand and prevented carry over to downstream equipment, saving thousands. Read more
eFlowback in the permian case study
Nov. 08, 2023

Permian operator saves 26% on the day rate with eFlowback

eFlowback, which combines automation, measurement systems, and cloud-based software, enables operators to enter the next level of flowback. Read more