Have you ever felt the same letdown from your sand management company as George and Elaine when they were just trying to get a little soup? Are you tired of waiting for what is expected to be pure excellence to only be let down by bad customer service and poor performance?

At EnerCorp, we promise NO SAND CARRYOVER FOR YOU!

It's time to make the change to the Sahara Advanced Sand Cyclone and finally get the sand capture rate and customer service you have been waiting for. With custom solutions built by our engineering team based on the unique needs of your well, you will be able to capture more than 97% of sand.

Our industry-leading Sahara Cyclone, ensures virtually all sand particles are removed from the production stream, enabling operators to flow directly into the facility — saving time, money, and resources, while reducing environmental emissions.

Learn more about the Sahara Sand Cyclone from EnerCorp

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