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ESG is more than just a buzzword at EnerCorp

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Over the last few years, the term ESG has become more prominent in the energy services industry.

Many organizations in our segment have web pages dedicated to environmental, social, and governance initiatives they support, making it clear to shareholders, team members, and customers where they stand on the issue.

At EnerCorp, we’ve been focusing on ESG long before it was a hot topic — and certainly before it was a requirement from the broader investment community. For us, ESG has been built into the core of the business — in everything from our technology to our processes. ESG isn’t a separate program we have that employees learn about once a year, it’s a part of our day-to-day work here at EnerCorp and is woven into every area of the business.

While we’ve been operating with an ESG mindset for years, we haven’t taken the time to shed light on all of the innovative aspects of our environmental, social, and governance initiatives — yet. Take a look at how EnerCorp incorporates ESG into the core of our business.

Environmental initiatives

At EnerCorp, one of our mottos is to create more energy with less. How is that possible? Our engineers spend a lot of time in research and development designing and fabricating technology that is compatible with a low carbon footprint. We want to leave the environment in a better state than when we arrived, and in order to do that, we have to find ways of reducing emissions wherever possible.

  • Methane reduction: The Sahara Advanced Cyclone is the leading sand management solution for flowback, removing over 97% of sand particles. The Sahara design also produces 84% less methane emissions on a per blowdown basis when compared to applications using traditional sand knockouts. On top of that, Due to the high efficiency and large sand capacity fewer blowdowns are required over the course of a job, further reducing emissions. Plus, with the Sahara, no test separators are required, reducing the number of potential leak points at the wellsite. 
  • CO2 reduction: EnerCorp’s eFlowback technology, which enables operators to have a completely autonomous flowback and sand management solution, reduces the amount of truck traffic to and from the site. As less personnel are required with eFlowback, we can reduce the amount of CO2 emissions for each flowback job. We’ve also developed ways to provide site lighting off of our grid-powered systems in order to remove diesel-powered lighting systems. 
  • Spill reduction: The eFlowback system is a highly automated solution that uses cloud-based software with automated measurement systems. As a result, we can minimize any hazardous spills by carefully monitoring the flowback operation. Our system includes several layers of safety features to ensure the wellsite operates effectively while protecting the environment.

Social initiatives

Our community means the world to us. It’s where our people live and work, where they raise their kids and grandkids, where they bond with their friends. Our community is also where our customers, partners, vendors, and investors thrive, and we know how important it is to focus on uplifting our community in multiple ways.

  • Charitable support: EnerCorp is a proud supporter of many Veteran/Military Service, Child Advocacy, and Physical & Mental Health Support and Services charities. These are the social initiatives that are dear to our people and our customers, and we put our full backing behind these organizations.  
  • Employee support: We want our employees to succeed at work — but we also want them to succeed at life. We know that work is just where they spend eight hours of their day — the larger portion of the day is spent with their families and friends, discovering new passions, and learning new skills. We offer flexible working conditions where available so employees can choose where to work, in addition to offering leadership training to help employees with other aspects of their lives. 
  • Team support: The 1-Team mindset at EnerCorp means we are and always will be united. This is why, whenever possible, we promote from within. It’s important to develop our people and give them the tools they need to hone new skills and climb the career ladder that they have their eye on.

Governance initiatives

EnerCorp is a privately held company — however, we are governed like a public company. Why? Accountability. The way we govern ourselves at the highest level sets an example for every area of the business. It creates a responsible, transparent, and accountable mindset, where nothing gets swept under the rug. 

  • Diversity of leadership: Our executive team is made up of people from all walks of life who bring with them unique perspectives. The strength of our decision-making at an executive level is a credit to the diversity of people of our team.
  • Third-party audit: Although we are a private company, we hire Deloitte to conduct a financial and IT audit on a regular basis. This enables us to ensure our business remains financially sound and technologically secure.
  • Independent board members: Our board of directors is made up of industry professionals who excel in financial and operational roles. They offer EnerCorp management feedback and advise on company performance and strategic direction. Having independent board members challenges the company to always think ahead, ensuring we meet the goals of our customers, vendors, partners, investors, and team members.

Join us as we lead ESG initiatives in the energy services industry

ESG was never a buzzword at EnerCorp. It was always a core aspect of the business and built into every department at every level. If your organization values environmental, social, and governance initiatives, let’s talk.

We’re leading ESG for the energy service industry and hope to inspire others in the space to join us in sharing our commitment to creating more energy with less.

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