Innovation is a core value at EnerCorp. It’s what drives our business forward, and we continually challenge our team to think of ways to improve what we do and how we do it.

So, when we see one of our vendors displaying the same core value, we can’t help but get excited.  MSI is a leading provider of plug valves, choke assemblies, and flowlines that help to support our operations.  Recently, our SVP of Operations, our Technical Trainer, and our US Manager of Quality and CPI made a visit to MSI’s manufacturing facility in South Texas. We were astonished at the level of innovation and technology employed to create these amazing products.  From LEAN systems of order and process flow to full automation of certain processes, the professionalism displayed within their facility was exceptional. We might have even taken away a few pointers to employ in our regional facilities!

Kudos to the MSI and Dixie Iron Works teams for embracing innovation and driving their sector of this Oil and Gas industry forward to new levels of excellence.

Thank you for being a partner in innovation!

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