ManUp Camp – Corporate Day

In early June, EnerCorp Management spent the day hosting, “Man Up Camp Corporate Day.” This event allowed EnerCorp executives to spend time with over 80 young men living in foster care facilities in Houston, Texas, teaching them about various aspects of business.

The group covered a wide array of topics such as functions within a corporation, business structures, personalities in the workplace, exploration of various departments, with particular emphasis on the differences between a job and a career, and more.

Our team helped these young men understand that no matter how hard their lives are or have been, they can make something great of their future with hard work, education, and determination.

EnerCorp strongly believes in supporting community-based causes and sharing our knowledge of business with our youth.

We feel events such as these can contribute to the success of our youth, and assist them in planning today for their future. Through encouragement, support and mentorship, we can inspire these young men to dream of greatness, regardless of the barriers life’s challenges may bring.

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