Teamwork! Teamwork! Teamwork!

With our area teams spread out through the New Mexico and West Texas field locations, two yards in midland, and corporate / sales offices in a couple different cities, it is rare for everyone to be able to come together for fun activities.

Recently, our entire West Texas Flowback team spent a little time perfecting their teamwork through an area wide scavenger hunt. They completed missions testing their safety and company knowledge as well as silly ones like arm wrestling a stranger or posing like Jack and Rose from Titanic. It was a CLOSE competition with the final teams neck and neck in the end.

Thank you to our team for living our Teamwork core value. It is our amazing team members that allow us to deliver the top-tier level of service we do day in and day out.

A couple things we learned about our team…

They are creative and competitive

They are TALENTED! We have jugglers, poets, singers, and actors disguised as EnerCorp employees

They don't have a clue how to play leap frog, seriously, no clue at all! Keep an eye out for these videos soon!

We hope you have as much fun looking at these pictures as we did!

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