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No matter the sand management problem, our production equipment fabrication shop has a custom solution

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Producers rely on production equipment fabricators to manufacture oilfield production equipment.

This equipment keeps their facilities operating — from oil and gas separators to sand cyclones to production equipment. However, there are hundreds of fabrication shops located across the United States, Canada, and around the world, each promising the producer a solution for their oilfield problem. How can producers make an informed decision about which fabrication shop to work with?

It’s a tough question — after all, each producer has different needs, works in different geographies, and has different levels of requirements for oilfield equipment. However, most fabrication shops offer one-size-fits-all solutions.

EnerCorp, on the other hand, has a full-service production equipment fabrication shop where we custom engineer, design, procure, build, operate, and maintain oilfield sand management and production equipment for our clients. There are no one-size fits-all-solutions in our shop because we understand that to get the best results from their well, our clients need solutions that are tailored to their well pressure, production rates, flow velocity, and many other factors. 

Full-Service Custom Fabrication

Full-service custom fabrication

Operators choose EnerCorp because of our expertise in sand management and flowback technology. Instead of building cookie-cutter products, as is common in other production fabrication facilities, we focus on understanding the well flow conditions clients are working with to develop a solution that will give them enhanced results. How do we make that happen?

  • Thorough research and development: Our R&D team conducts continuous improvement on our equipment design, constantly developing advanced technologies and running simulations on the products we develop to understand their performance before taking them out into the field. 
  • Engineering expertise: Our team follows a multivariate optimization process on all new designs using computational fluid dynamics (CFD) to develop highly effective sand management solutions. 
  • Full customization: We consider a number of operating conditions when designing equipment including flow rates, wellhead pressures, and solids particle sizes. Our team also looks at product design considerations such as geometry and cost constraints. As a result, our production equipment fabrication facility builds sand management equipment to exact specifications. 
  • Advanced sand management technology: Many of our sand management solutions are based on the Sahara Advanced Cyclone, which delivers over 97% sand capture efficiency for 100 micron and larger particles — not possible with any other high-rate desanding equipment available on the market today. Our engineers can customize this hydrocyclone to enhance production at your well.  

In-field operational knowledge

Many oilfield equipment fabrication shops don’t operate their machinery in the field. On the other hand, EnerCorp has deep domain expertise and in-field knowledge of how our equipment operates at the wellsite — and we use this information to continuously improve our technology. We have seen our equipment perform in various geographies all over the world, from North America to South America, Middle East to Asia, and this global footprint has provided us with exposure to a broad range of the solids management problems that are out there.

As a result, we can close the feedback loop and incorporate practical experience with our engineering expertise. Since we do the research, design, engineering, and operation of the sand management equipment, we have multiple opportunities to improve and enhance the technology in our production equipment fabrication facility. Some fabrication shops use off-the-shelf products and try to apply them to different geographies or global conditions, while we customize the solution to the problem at hand. 

Repairs and alterations to existing pressure equipment

Our engineers are often called by operators that are having trouble with their existing product or sand management equipment that is already deployed in the field. They experience downtime because their equipment frequently breaks down or doesn’t perform at the capacity they require. Our production equipment fabrication facility can not only design and build equipment in our shop, but we can also conduct repairs and alterations on other providers’ equipment. 

For operators, time is of the essence. Our team works quickly to get their equipment repaired and back up and running so they can continue on their schedule. This helps eliminate additional costs and reduces further schedule delays. Our facility has a  temper bead welding procedure, enabling us to offer faster turnaround by re-using a pressure vessel once it has been properly repaired. This is a key service that not every vessel manufacturer has at their disposal.

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Having trouble deciding which production equipment fabrication facility can meet your needs?

There are hundreds of production equipment fabrication shops in the United States, Canada, and around the world, all promising to build the equipment you need for your wellsite. How can you separate the leading contenders from the others?

Download 8 Questions to Ask Your Production Equipment Fabricator today to learn what to look for when you’re selecting a partner to build your equipment.


Full ecosystem of solutions

EnerCorp’s production fabrication facility is the leader in offering custom sand management equipment fabrication for clients — but it’s just one part of what we do. We don’t offer point solutions — we offer a full ecosystem of solutions for operators to enhance production in the field at every stage of the well’s life.

Our ecosystem includes:

  • eFlowback automated sand management technology: Autonomous control of flowback and sand management that reduces equipment footprint and personnel costs while minimizing emissions.
  • Pressure control and flowback solutions: Application engineering, equipment, and services during completions, frac, flowback, and production operations. 
  • Sand management solutions: Industry-leading technology that removes sand from your production during flowback, early production, and steady state production operations.
  • Production equipment fabrication: Customized fabrication supporting your sand management, fluid separation, and production processing needs.

This ecosystem enables our engineers and crew to offer operators a full breadth of expertise, so we can solve problems quicker and more efficiently. We utilize the knowledge from all our operational areas in order to service clients with enhanced solutions. 

See the difference in production equipment fabrication for yourself

With our state-of-the-art production facility equipment built to ASME and ABSA standards for the design, fabrication, assembly, and inspection of all components for both vessels and piping, our team can customize a solution for any problem you are experiencing in the field. Get in touch with EnerCorp to discuss your production equipment fabrication needs, learn more about our facility, and ask questions about our process. Our experienced team can work with you to design a solution that meets your budget and schedule — and can get the job done right.

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