EnerCorp’s dedication to ensure consistency and asset integrity starts before a single person steps foot on location.

Our in-house recertification department allows us to monitor the quality of our products through their entire life cycle. To ensure consistency and quality, the recertification team follows the same process for every piece of iron they certify:

  1. 1
    Clean and prep the iron
  2. 2
    Visually inspect the iron for defects and NDT (non-destructive test) the iron with meters
  3. 3
    Hydro-test the iron
  4. 4
    Band the iron
  5. 5
    Paint the iron

In addition to a solid process, our team culture and dedication living the EnerCorp core values ensures quality. Local leadership manages the team by letting them see the core values in action. This is in turn lived and breathed by the men and women that are currently responsible for the stellar performance.

Are you ready to see a change in the quality of your flowback operations? Let EnerCorp help you make that change today.

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