Drilling posts

Aug. 08, 2022

Get more with less with fit for purpose equipment

Using fit-for-purpose equipment, such as a surface drilling rig over a full size rig, can help operators get more benefits with less equipment. Read more
Jun. 13, 2022

See the difference a surface drilling rig can make

Are you still using a full-size rig to drill your top-hole section? Full-size rigs are designed to construct wells with total depths greater than 20,000 feet. This results in high equipment day rates with a massive crew to staff the rig, and generates a high amount of emissions. When you’re drilling surface intervals and running surface casing, you don’t need a full-size rig. Read more
Jan. 06, 2022

“Mamma says – call EnerCorp for your water well”

You don’t need to call The Waterboy to meet your water well needs. Just give EnerCorp a call! Read more
Nov. 29, 2021

Enhance your Drilling Operations with the EnerCorp Team

Teamwork is one of the EnerCorp core values, and our drilling team members bring our vision of delivering engineered solutions to maximize energy to reality through their continued teamwork. Read more
Nov. 10, 2021

Congrats on 8 years of service

Congratulations on 8 years of dedicated service and hard work to our Drilling Team Leaders: Richard Kennington, Rudy Sevier, Bryant Duckett, Dylan Barbiaux, and Albert Barrera. Read more
Sep. 20, 2021

Managing Drilling Issues Timely and Cost Effectively

How confident are you that the companies you work with have the expertise to properly manage unplanned issues? Read more
Aug. 19, 2021

Spudder Rig Benefits

EnerCorp has a fleet of “fit-for-purpose” drilling rigs that are highly engineered and designed specifically to drill the surface interval and run the associated tubulars. Read more