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The time for innovation is now

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At EnerCorp, innovation has always been the core of our operations

From our technology to our finance procedures to our customer relations, our team is always striving to find ways to do things more effectively. Better, faster, more efficient — these are the words that drive every conversation we have.

And while innovation has been ingrained in our culture, the term hasn’t been one of our core values. However, it’s time to change that and make innovation an official tenant of our business.

This is why we are adding innovation as the fifth core value.

Core values are an expectation that empower people to do better

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You may be wondering why even bother adding innovation to our core values if it’s something we have been practicing every day for years. The reason is simple: At EnerCorp, our core values aren’t just nice words on our website and in our training materials. We don’t just read them once a year at performance reviews or mention them lightly when bringing on new team members.

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For us, our core values are the basis for how we expect our team members to behave each day. They are the foundation for how we conduct our business, how we build relationships with business and community partners, and how we treat our customers. 

By adding innovation to our core values, we are reminding every member of our team — old and new — how much we value this way of thinking, and how much our customers and partners expect this from us.

Turning “I Wish” into “I Did”

How many times have you come up with a neat idea and thought about how great it would be if you can make it come to life?

At EnerCorp, we know how to turn a great idea into reality. Consider the entire history of our company as an example. Energes was the innovator behind sand cyclone technology in the U.S. while Dynacorp was the innovator for sand filtration technology in Canada — and the marriage of these two companies created what has emerged today as the leader in this space. As EnerCorp, we learned how to improve the technology so that operators didn’t have to deal with sand damaging their production facilities.

However, we didn’t stop there. Once we mastered sand filtration, we sought an even better way to remove virtually all sand from the production stream. After years of research, testing, and computational modeling, we brought the Sahara Advanced Cyclone to the market, which to this day is the leader in sand management technology, uneclipsed by any other solution. 

That wasn’t enough. We went one step further to fully automate the flowback and sand management phase with eFlowback, an autonomous solution that reduces the equipment footprint, lowers personnel costs, and minimizes harmful emissions.

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And we’re not stopping there, either. Our team will continue to innovate, pushing not only us but the entire oilfield industry forward.

Innovation is good for everyone

Some organizations innovate for the sake of innovation itself. We innovate to improve operations for our customers, employees, vendors, and partners. When we win, everyone around us wins as well — and that includes our competitors and others in the industry.

Innovation can’t be done in a silo. That’s the beauty of it. Innovation improves everything around it, from customer operations to vendor processes to competitor technologies. We strive for innovation not only because it improves business for us, but because it improves business for everyone.

We’re proud to officially include innovation as a core value for EnerCorp.

And we hope you will join us on our innovation journey.
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