By Bruce McKenna

Wells today have changed significantly, even in the last five years.

A common industry complaint we hear is that some companies are still stuck in the 90’s as far as their equipment and approach when it comes to sand management. Fortunately, with constant research and development, EnerCorp has kept up with these changes, and that is where we stand out amongst the competition.

Staying on the leading edge of technology and following the trends of new fracturing techniques, EnerCorp offers two main types of de-sanding systems: Our standard, High Efficient Dual Cyclones and our patented Screen technology.

Why would my company want or need one type of sand filter over the other?

When the standard product can’t get the job done, we can custom build and ship the unit it to your door. An obvious benefit to our customer base is the fact that we fabricate in North America. With this important step, our customers save time on delivery, and we are able to provide tighter quality control. We are a sand solutions provider; we will match any sand issue with the best, most efficient solution in North America.



  • Removes all sand
  • Can be combined with blow-down vessel or manually cleaned out
  • Eliminates short term & acute risks of gradual erosion

Our patented screen solutions offer piece of mind for producers seeking to capture 100% of their sand down to 100 mesh frac sand.


  • The highest efficient cyclone desander on the market
  • Blowdown vessel for production well applications.
  • High pressure units for flowback, 10,000 Psi & 15,000psi
  • No internal parts to plug off or pull for cleaning

What about purchase or rental options?

This is a common question, and we are very flexible when it comes to our terms thanks to our own in-house engineering and fabrication facilities. Whether purchasing EnerCorp products to build an in-house fleet or you prefer to rent, we can work with you. Rent-to-own is also an option, and a rarity amongst our competitors.

Once purchased, what type of support does EnerCorp provide?

We know our jobs aren’t done after the successful delivery of our equipment. Therefore, we look after our customers with additional support, including:

  • 24/7 in-field support
  • Field training and SOP support.
  • On site startup and commissioning support.

At EnerCorp, we value our customers, and therefore our personnel are always available for questions or consultation once the equipment is delivered and installed. Get in touch with us today to discuss how we can help meet your sand filtration needs.

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