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At EnerCorp, one of our core values is Work Ethic and one of our teams that demonstrates this over and over is Ruben Munoz’s rig up team.

In mid-December, we had an 11 well project with a key client where they had an objective of quickly producing ultra-high fluid rates.  This meant each of those eleven wells required twice the amount of equipment as a standard well, so it was like rigging up 22 wells.  If you know how much physical work is required for a setup like this, you know it is A LOT!  But with Ruben's team on the job we knew that the work would get done and that the location layout would be perfect and precise.

After all the equipment was installed and the jobsite was ready for operations, our site supervisor, Pin Sotelo said “Ruben and his team are Hall of Fame worthy.” Team members like Ruben are just one of the reasons that EnerCorp is one of the leading flowback companies in Texas.

Thank you, Permian Rig Up Team for everything you do and for exemplifying our core value of Work Ethic every day!

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