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Sand management and flowback services: Cheaper today doesn’t always mean you pay less in the end

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In many oil and gas organizations, there is a focus on cutting costs wherever possible. From labor to technology, some companies are looking to shave off those dollars as best as they can to improve their profitability. However, when you pay less for something, it doesn’t always mean that it is going to cost you less in the long run. 

We all probably know a neighbor or a friend that has tried to fix something in their home on their own instead of calling a professional — only to realize they have made the problem worse. 

For example, instead of paying a plumber $300 dollars initially, they opted to just buy the $30 part and do it themselves. However, due to their lack of experience and expertise, the problem they created now costs them $700. 

This same scenario can be applied to the oil and gas industry — but on a much larger and more costly scale. When you opt for the cheaper technology or service today, it can lead to massive problems in the long run when you don’t work with an experienced service provider.

At EnerCorp, we understand the importance of cost savings for our customers. Price is always one of the key deciding factors for every company we work with. However, it doesn’t have to be the only deciding factor. 

Our unique approach at EnerCorp proves that paying slightly more in the beginning can lead to overall cost savings in the end.

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The fit-for-purpose approach saves you money and time

Serving clients from the Permian / Midland and Odessa region to the Haynesville, from the Northeast to Eagle Ford, all the way to Canada, the Middle East, and South America, EnerCorp has been perfecting our fit-for-purpose approach for many years in many geographies. What we have learned, which other service providers may not have caught on to yet, is this: one size does not fit all.

In the oil and gas industry, especially with flowback services and sand management services, there is a tendency to drag a large amount of desanding equipment to the well site without first figuring out the application characteristics of the well itself. In addition to the technology, other service providers also bring out a large number of personnel to operate all the equipment. However, a lot of the equipment they bring is not necessary because it is very inefficient, and many extra personnel are needed because they have so much excess equipment on location. This service model sometimes looks like it costs less than a fit-for-purpose approach up front, but time and time again we see that our approach is more cost effective in the long run.

At EnerCorp, every project begins with a conversation between our engineering team and the client, where we understand the specific characteristics of the well. 

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Through this information-gathering session, we determine exactly what kind of technology is best for this project, and we customize the desanding equipment to meet the specific requirements of the well. As a result, there is no extra equipment needed at the wellsite, and no extra personnel hanging around. We bring out only what is required, saving our customers operating expenses in the long run. 

How many sand separators do you use at once?

One of the ways we reduce costs for our customers is by bringing out less equipment and personnel to the well site. However, another way we offer enhanced profitability is by how effective our technology is.

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When other service providers offer low-cost sand traps and spherical sand cyclones, they don’t tell you that you’re going to end up needing multiple units at a time on each well. While you could pay less for a single stage non-engineered cyclone than our Sahara Advanced Cyclone, you’re only going to need one of our cyclonic sand separators as compared to three or four of the other guys.

EnerCorp’s highly engineered sand cyclone technology in the Sahara Advanced Cyclone uses precision engineered geometries to generate high centrifugal forces that separate sand from the production stream. This provides clients with over 97% sand capture efficiency. Compared to the 50% efficiency you frequently see on non-engineered solutions, we offer significantly better results with just one piece of equipment.

By removing virtually all sand from the production stream during the flowback process, we ensure that there is no damage done to the production facility as a result of remaining sand particles. This eliminates chargeback costs that customers have to deal with when they use sub-par non-engineered sand management solutions. 

Our clients experience long-term cost savings

With our fit-for-purpose approach and highly engineered technology, our customers improve their operating expenses for the long run. Take a look at these examples of savings from our customers:

Enercorp enables Permian operator to save 26% on the day rate with eFlowback, compared to flowback 2.0

Sahara Advanced Cyclone reduces damage charges in the Haynesville by capturing over 99% of sand

EnerCorp’s Sahara Advanced Cyclone saves operator in Haynesville over $16,000 in chargeback costs for a dual well flowback

These are just three of the hundreds of success stories we can share from our customers. When customers invest in highly engineered custom flowback and sand management solutions, they can reduce their overall operating expenses in the long run because they do things right from the start.

Want to improve your bottom line the right way?

If your organization wants to lower your operating expenses to improve your bottom line, don’t fall into the trap of going for cheaper equipment only to pay more in the end. When you work with EnerCorp, we take your budget seriously while also ensuring that your equipment and services are customized for the specific requirements of your well. This results in higher sand capture, less damage, and lower costs overall. Get in touch with EnerCorp today to learn more about how you can improve your bottom line the right way — and keep your operating expenses low for the long term.

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